Residential development at Suttons Fields, Ballybetagh Road, Kilternan, Dublin 18 comprising 85 houses , 31 apartments and 31-space childcare facility.


The development will consist of 116 dwellings and ancillary 31-space childcare unit. The dwellings will comprise: 85 no. houses and 31 no. apartments as follows: HOUSES : 7 no. 1-bed units, 2 no. 2-bed units, 40 no. 3-bed units & 36 no. 4-bed units. The houses will range from 1-storey to 3-storeys in height; APARTMENTS: 13 no.1-bed units, 16 no. 2-bed units & 2 no. 3-bed units. 29 no. apartments will be accommodated in two no. 3-storey blocks (17 no. in Block Location 1 and 12 no. in Block Location 2) at the north end of the development site. Block Location 1 will have ground floor terraces and upper floor balconies on its south and west elevations. Block Location 2 will have ground floor terraces and upper floor balconies on its east, west and south elevations. 2 no. 2-bed, 2-storey duplex apartments will be located over the 159 sq.m. ground-floor childcare unit, in a 3-storey building, close to the south end of the site. The duplex apartments will have balconies at first and second floor levels facing south and west.

Vehicular, pedestrian and cycle access to the site will be from Ballybetagh Road, to the west of the Butler residences. The development will include a Main Road on its west boundary, running from Ballybetagh Road to the north boundary, that will facilitate linkage to development lands to the north.

Pedestrian and cycle access will be provided from Ballybetagh Road into the site, along the west boundary of Our Lady of the Wayside National School, connecting to the site circulation roadway in the vicinity of the childcare unit. The boundaries of the residences of Paul and David Butler on the Ballybetagh Road will be set back to provide improved pedestrian footpath from the site access to the west boundary of Our Lady of the Wayside National School. David Butler’s vehicular access from Ballybetagh Road will be moved to ensure the safety of the pedestrian / cycleway.

The development will include re-laying of existing 200 mm. water-main that runs through the subject lands, such that it lies under the proposed road system, and provision of a ring-main to serve the development. The development will be served by an existing connection to an existing 225 mm. public foul sewer in Kilternan Abbey Laneway, which in turn connects to sewerage in Enniskerry Rd. at Golden Ball via Golden Ball gates. Surface water from the development will be attenuated in 6 no., on-site attenuation tanks, with outfall to a new surface water sewer and outfall pipe, to be provided in Kilternan Abbey Laneway, connecting to a public surface water sewer in Enniskerry Rd. The surface water sewer will be laid between the gates at Golden Ball, a protected structure. The laying of the sewer will not affect the integrity of the protected gateway.